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Acqua Filtron Equipments, offering Sludge Dewatering Unit System where we Manufacturer. Accessible on exceptionally prudent costs.The Sludge Draimad dewatering bundle plant is totally programmed, with all capacities, including ooze molding, sack filling, and depleting cycles, controlled by a fundamental control board. This completely bundled ooze dewatering framework rushes to introduce.In Sludge Dewatering System, flocculated slop is poured in the filtration sack.These packs are mounted on a stainless steel edge and it is intended to give even slime dissemination. Subsequent to working dry strong substance of 15% to 20% can be accomplished. At the underlying dewatering stage, the sacks are fixed and evacuated with an uncommon pack trolley. In the second stage, slime weight and volume diminish paying little heed to climate.

Following 10 to 15 days, a case of 50 to 90 % dry strong substance is accomplished. Water repellent material of the sacks anticipates entering of water into the pack yet permits drying out of the substance by vanishing.Sludge Dewatering Unit System offered are intended for giving effective cleaning backing to ooze collected in a wastewater. Offering help in a decrease of natural issue and ailment causing microorganisms. Further, the framework additionally bolsters decrease in dampness substance of ooze altogether and also permits simpler treatment of mechanical squanders. Filling in as strong fluid division gadget, the framework can likewise be specially tuned according to the particular work process needs of clients.

We offer exceptionally powerful Sludge Dewatering Unit System framework channel squeeze which is a strong fluid detachment gadget. This gadget takes a shot at the rule of weight encouraging because of which it conveys ideal yield at the site of an establishment. This framework contains a progression of channel plates and outlines or recessed plates which are organized then again. A sustaining pump is utilized to constrain fluid through the medium leaving strong particles caught inside.


  • Less cost of installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintenance