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Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants

Dynamic Bio-Reactor System is a compact mobile sewage treatment plant that can be easily loaded in truck / trolley or even on a trailer. The skid mounted design allows for easy assembling and disassembling unit, providing greater mobility for transportation. This compact system uses 65% less space and energy. The revolutionary system provides many benefits over conventional systems based on biological process.

Dynamic Bio-Reactor System is a combination of different technologies. The compact system provides enhanced efficiency, performance and easy mobility. We can manufacture DBR in wide range capacities starting from 10,000 Liters Per Day (suitable for 90 residents or 90 PE), up to 6,00,000 liters per day (suitable for 5600 residents or 5600 PE) in the Mini and Midi range. For higher capacities and special requirement, the customer can consult design engineers from the company.