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DAF Manufacturer in Thane by Acqua Filtron Equipments, are one of the main. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Dissolved Air Flotation Units. We offered dissolved air flotation units are specially designed for the water filtration. Our offered dissolved air flotation units are liked for easy installation and easy operation. Our offered dissolved air flotation units are available at very affordable market rates. We offered broke down air flotation units are uncommonly intended for the water filtration. Our offered broke up air flotation units are preferred for the simple establishment and simple task. Our offered disintegrated air flotation units are accessible at extremely moderate market rates.

Dissolved Air Flotation System is the best answer for elucidating water with large amounts of green growth and other low-thickness solids that can’t be expelled with sedimentation. These machines are intended to influence the most noteworthy strong catch and yield the largest amount of recouped solids under an extensive variety of stream conditions.

The proficiency for the expulsion of oil and suspended particles rates more prominent than 95 percent. In a few destinations, the announced productivity is very nearly 99.9% for O&G and SS expulsion. Our scope of DAF framework has a record of demonstrated execution in assorted businesses for wastewater treatment.

DAF Manufacturer in Thane, where they utilized for expelling suspended issue that does not float or sink in water and wastewater. Partition of suspended solids is finished by fine gas bubbles which wind up appended to a particulate issue, and float them to the surface where it is evacuated by skimming. Gas bubbles are presented by lessening the weight of the wastewater making disintegrated gases be discharged. Normally used to isolate oil, oil and fat issues from modern squanders.Outlines incorporate Rectangular, round, cross stream and slanted parallel plate system.




  • Optimal filling speed
  • Automatic operation
  • Low maintenance